Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach Offer $60 Million Vouchers for Zero-Emissions Trucks

The Port of Los Angeles and the Port of Long Beach are taking steps to support the adoption of zero-emissions trucks by offering $60 million in vouchers. These vouchers will assist companies in acquiring Class 8 drayage trucks that operate within the San Pedro Bay ports complex. The initiative comes ahead of California’s new truck emissions rules, which will require all new trucks hauling cargo at the ports to be zero-emission starting January 1.

The funding for the vouchers is made possible through the Clean Truck Fund Rate, which collects $10 for every 20-foot equivalent unit from cargo owners on loaded containers entering and exiting the port complex. The goal of the San Pedro Bay Ports Clean Air Action Plan is to have 100% zero-emission drayage trucks by 2035.

Under the voucher program, eligible companies can receive funds for zero-emission truck purchases through the Hybrid and Zero-Emission Truck and Bus Voucher Incentive Project (HVIP) application process. Fleets with 10 or fewer trucks can receive $100,000 per truck, while fleets with more than 10 trucks can receive $75,000 per truck. Additionally, HVIP offers a drayage voucher amount of $150,000 per truck, along with any other applicable HVIP voucher enhancements. In total, each truck can potentially be funded up to $250,000.

With this funding, it is estimated that up to 800 new zero-emission trucks can be purchased. The initiative aims to reduce emissions and improve air quality around the ports, which are major contributors to air pollution in the region.

While the port authorities are providing funding to support the transition to zero-emissions trucks, California’s new truck emissions rules have faced legal challenges. The California Trucking Association, backed by the American Trucking Associations, has filed a lawsuit against the regulations. They argue that the California Air Resources Board has not fully considered the economic impact of their timelines and targets.

The outcome of the legal challenges remains uncertain. However, the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach are taking proactive steps to support the adoption of zero-emissions trucks and make significant progress towards their emission reduction goals.

In conclusion, the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach are offering $60 million in vouchers to help companies acquire zero-emissions trucks for drayage operations within the port complex. This initiative aligns with California’s new truck emissions rules, which aim to have all new trucks in the ports be zero-emission. While legal challenges exist, the ports are committed to reducing emissions and improving air quality through the adoption of cleaner trucks.

Source: https://www.supplychaindive.com/news/ports-of-los-angeles-long-beach-offer-60-million-vouchers-for-zero-emissions-trucks/699545/

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