Suddenly Responsible for Import & Export Departments

Have you found yourself suddenly responsible for the import and export departments in your company?

Like most companies, you have likely had to make the tough decision to reorganize your staff,  including laying off key individuals. If you chose to lay off your international logistics and trade compliance staff you may have discovered, too late, that these folks were critical to the success of your import/export programs and they provided you a much-needed safety net against regulatory intervention. Now they are gone and suddenly your company expects you to fill in the void.

And while your company was busy downsizing the US authorities responsible for export and import regulation were busy upsizing. During 2008 and 2009 the US Government implemented more sweeping regulatory changes with enhanced penalties than in the previous decade. Ignorance of the law is no longer a valid excuse for non-compliance!

What are you going to do?

Don’t panic! Stay calm! Get educated!

Your first responsibility is to identify what you don’t know about importing and exporting. That is where Global Training Center can help. With a proven track record and experienced instructors, we can help you identify the critical components of an import or export trade compliance and logistics program and help put you back on the road to success!

John D. Goodrich


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