Trade Compliance Specialty Webinars are topics we have added as a result of customer requests. These classes are offered for a short period. are topics we have added as a result of customer requests. These classes will be offered for a short period.

Each attendee will receive a copy of the instructor’s presentation, a certificate of completion, and NCBFAA credits if a member. Continuing Education Units may be awarded upon request. We will provide proof of attendance for your specific agency.

Come to class with your questions so that you can get clarity on the topic. Our instructors have real-world experience and they can relate to your challenges and goals.

  • Small Class Size
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Digital Badge
  • Earn Education Credits
  • Instructor with Industry Experience

Specialty Courses

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How does a webinar work?

Our webinar training courses are live and interactive. You may ask questions throughout the class (not just at the end of class). Our interactive webinars are NOT pre-recorded. Our instructors follow the same agenda as our walk-in seminars.

You will connect to the class via the Internet using WebEx. A link is emailed to you for connecting. You will see the instructor’s presentation on your computer screen. To ask a question, you may raise your virtual hand (click on the icon) and the instructor will call on you. For your audio connection, you may dial in or use a computer headset with a mic.  SORRY, no computer audio without a headset*.We keep our webinar classes small so that we may keep phone lines open and you may interact with the instructor at any time.

Webinar Rules

It is one person per registrationWebcams are required to attend our webinar courses. You must use a webcam to attend. The recording is not permitted. Class material includes the instructor’s PPT document.

*We try to create the best learning environment for all, for that reason, we highly encourage you to dial in or use a headset with a mic for computer audio to keep feedback to a minimum.

Don’t Think Webinars Are For You?

Comments From our Webinar Training Course Attendees:

“This is the second webinar that I have attended with GTC. I have also attended actual GTC seminars and I believe that you get the same level of training just in the classroom. I will probably attend more webinars in the future.” Director Supply Chain March 25, 2020

“This was my first webinar experience with GTC and I very much enjoyed it. Obviously, it is much different than being in a classroom – but I actually prefer the webinar atmosphere now.”

“Instructor did an amazing job making this webinar engaging and interesting. It is not easy presenting in a webinar format when you can’t get the participant feedback and it didn’t feel like a webinar. Very well done!”

“One of the most well-done and beneficial webinars I have participated in. “

“Great webinar! Thank  you!”

“The most beneficial part of the class was the amount of specific attention given to our class’ business. We each got time to discuss specific challenges presented by our prospective products and situations.”

Here are the requirements for our Webinars: 

  • Computer
  • Internet Connection
  • Computer headset with mic or phone 
  • Webcam (we require all attendees to have a working camera, on the entire webinar) 

Half-Day Webinar: $395 per person

We welcome last-minute registrations!

Specialty Webinar class material will not have to be shipped in advance.

**See all dates and times on each course page