Library of Import & Export International Trade Books

Our Trade Books are excellent up-to-date materials for comprehending the complex topics of global trade for U.S. importers and exporters. A source for solid international information including sample documents, forms, checklists, case studies, and charts with government rules and regulations. Our trade books are easy to understand and comprehend with diagrams and helpful references.

These resources are offered as course materials for GTC workshops, colleges, universities, trade clubs, banking seminars, or for organizations offering training on international exporting and importing.

Export to Canada Reference Book
CANADA: Are you CANpliant – ABC’s of Canadian Trade Compliance
U.S. Exporting Reference Book
Exporting Regulations Documentation Procedures
Tariff Classification Reference Book
Doing Your Duty: Product Classification HTSUS
Inocoterms 2020 book
Incoterms 2020 for Importers & Exporters
Letters of Credit Reference Book
Letters of Credit in Intl Trade
CTPAT Reference Book
Make CTPAT Work for You
Managing Forwarders Brokers & Carriers Reference Book
Managing Forwarders, Brokers & Carriers
Exporting to Mexico Reference Book
Mexico: Enter the Emerging Economy
U.S. Importing Reference Book
U.S. Import Regulations Procedures and Guidelines
Advanced U.S. Importing Reference Book
U.S. Import Audit Preparation
USMCA Reference Book
USMCA – A Practical Guide to Regulation Documentation & Procedures