Because Trade Compliance should be Proactive, Not Reactive.

Corporate Trade Compliance Training brings the team together to focus on your corporate values and strategies in this complex industry of International Trade. Our interactive Private Corporate Training will be a game changer for your Team.

Giving employees guidance and direction to help them do their job correctly, efficiently, and with confidence. In the end, this training will add the value you are seeking, to keep your company compliant and competitive.

While our main courses are a great way to gain the crucial knowledge you need to succeed, understanding how to apply it to your company’s needs is equally important. Private corporate training will differentiate by focusing primarily on those methods and ensuring how to comply with these within your business.


At your facility, virtual or hybrid

If you need to train 3 or hundreds of employees,  we can help! We will come to your facility, and host a private webinar, or a combination of the two (hybrid), to conduct a private customized trade compliance training for your group. 

Private Training Quote Request

THE FIRST STEP is to fill out the form below to request a quote for Private Group Trade Compliance Training. This will enable us to customize our services to your particular educational requirements. Let’s get the conversation started!

Private Training


While the Seminar and the Private Training both have engagement & interaction with the instructors, here are a few things you ONLY receive with Private Training: 

  • Tailored Agenda (leaving out irrelevant topics for you)
  • Emphasizing topics crucial for your Team
  • Confidential environment
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Includes company’s examples in PP
  1. Protect your company, its reputation, and its employees. Trade Compliance is the law.
  2. Maintain customer satisfaction by avoiding shipment delays.
  3. Mitigate fines and penalties, and avoid debarment from exporting or importing.
  4. Build a compliance culture by communicating the importance of trade compliance to all departments. It is a team effort!
  5. Investing in employee training now will pay dividends in the future.
  6. More 1-on-1 with our best-in-class instructors, who have real-world experience.
  7. A confidential atmosphere where internal matters can be discussed & resolved.

Customers may select several topics to be discussed. You tailor the course and we will teach it.

  • Air & Ocean Transportation
  • Duty Drawback
  • EAR
  • ECCN
  • Export Documentation & Procedures
  • Exporting to Canada
  • Exporting to Mexico
  • Import Audit Assessment
  • Import Documentation & Procedures
  • Incoterms® Rules 2020
  • International Logistics
  • ITAR
  • Letters of Credit
  • USMCA the New NAFTA
  • USMCA For Automotive Industry
  • Tariff Classification
  • Tariff Classification for Automotive Industry

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