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Women in trade | S1: Episode 8

We discovered a new podcast featuring women who work in international trade.  The podcast is only a few episodes into its first season but they have hit the ground running with a lineup of amazing and influential ladies in trade compliance.

The podcast, Women In Trade, is hosted by Kellie Kemock, herself an experienced professional in international trade. The interviews are filled with savvy advice on mentoring, whether you are looking for a mentee or looking to mentor, along with background on how they got to this point in their career.

Our very own Darie Achstein, instructor for courses in California, is in the most recent episode. Darie has had a great career in trade and is well known and respected by her peers. If you know Darie- and you will after you hear this episode- you will gain a better understanding of why she has been successful in her field and maybe even pick up a tip or two.

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