China’s Chipmaking Equipment Imports Surge 93% Despite Curbs

Despite trade restrictions imposed by the US and its allies, China has seen a significant surge in imports of semiconductor manufacturing equipment. In this post, we will explore the key findings from a report by Nikkei Asia that highlights the resilience of China’s chip industry and its ability to acquire the necessary equipment.

Main Information:

  • Chinese imports of semiconductor manufacturing equipment rose by 93% in the last quarter, reaching 634 billion yuan ($87 billion).
  • The surge in imports indicates that China can continue producing advanced chips despite trade controls imposed by the US and other countries.
  • The data analysis of Chinese customs data reveals that Chinese buyers have been able to secure the necessary equipment from various sources, with purchases from the Netherlands experiencing a notable increase.


  • China’s determination to strengthen its semiconductor industry becomes evident through its significant increase in chipmaking equipment imports.
  • This surge reflects China’s efforts to reduce reliance on foreign technology and achieve self-sufficiency in chip manufacturing.
  • The ability to acquire the necessary equipment demonstrates the challenges faced by the US and its allies in restricting technology exports to China.

The surge in China’s chipmaking equipment imports, despite trade curbs, showcases the country’s resilience and determination to develop its domestic semiconductor industry. By securing the necessary equipment, China is working towards reducing its dependence on foreign technology. The ongoing competition and trade tensions between China and other countries, particularly the US, will continue to shape the landscape of the global chip industry.

For more detailed information and analysis, please refer to the original article on Nikkei Asia:

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