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Import and Export Corporate E-learning on your Corporate Platform; we can port our courses to your Learning Management System (LMS) or use our hosted solution that provides reporting, certificates, and digital badges!

If you want to train your team within your existing LMS, we can provide licensing options allowing you to choose the courses you need and customize a program for your organization.

Import & Export Corporate E-learning content licensing provides an easy and flexible option for organizations looking to create an efficient and effective program for your team.  Regardless of whether you are looking to license only one, several, or all of our training, we can customize a solution that will meet your needs and offer that on your internal corporate LMS platform.


A Learning Management System is a software application that gives corporations the ability to deliver and track training for their employees.

If your Company does not have an LMS, don’t worry because we can host the learning on our system.

Short courses are designed to provide the user with compliance awareness. Easy to follow, engaging courses with short quizzes to re-enforce learning.

  • Export Basics
  • Import Basics
  • Tariff Basics
  • 3-CTPAT Courses – English/Spanish
  • EAR Basics
  • EAR Classification
  • Incoterms
  • Drop Shipments
  • …always new and updated topics.

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