Why Consider Letters of Credit Seminar?

As we see our exports increasing, our international accounts receivable balances are increasing too. Many exporters fear the many mysteries and risks associated with selling their goods to foreign buyers, including those mysterious international banks. How do we insure that we will receive payment for all of those shipments? How can we get paid faster and with lower bank fees? Just what is the difference between a Documentary Collection and a Documentary Credit? Is a Letter of Credit really a “guaranteed” payment?

As your export business grows, these questions will become more and more important. How can you ensure that you are making the correct decisions about the credit terms that are offered to your foreign customers? One great way to gain confidence in those decisions is to attend a Global Training Center Letters of Credit seminar, covering topics that will lead to faster and less expensive payments. Our instructors can explain the intricacies of international movement of funds; explain the potential gains/losses of foreign exchange fluctuations; clarify those mysterious documentary requirements found on those pesky Letters of Credit; and explain those numerous banking fees associated with international payments.

*Reasons why you should consider the Letters of Credit Training:

  • Reduce your Accounts Receivable
  • Learn to avoid discrepancies that will delay orders
  • Learn to insure you will receive payment for all shipments
  • Learn to get paid faster and lower bank fees
  • Learn the difference between a “Documentary Collection” & a “Documentary Credit”

Reference Book received with Seminar/Webinar registration

Sign up now for the next seminar provided in your area (see schedule below). Or, even better, contact Global Training Center to schedule a seminar especially designed for your company and presented at your location.

Export & Import Letters of Credit Class
Learn to fully comply with Letters of Credit requirements.  Get involved in the set-up process, learn the basic terminology and significance of various documents, and learn how to prevent and handle discrepancies.  Learn how to insure that you receive payment for your shipments, how to get paid faster and how to lower bank fees.  (Agenda)

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