January 25: Tariff Tactics, Data-Driven Trade, Arms Control, and De-Dollarization

Tariff Tactics
Guess who’s back with new Tariff Tactics? It’s none other than former U.S. President Donald Trump, stirring the embers of past trade wars. Trump proposes a 10% tariff on all imported goods to boost U.S. domestic production.

Eye on the Horizon: Michael Every of Rabobank warns this move could have a significant impact, potentially restructuring the global economic system. Are we on the brink of a trade shakeup, Compliance Officers and Operations Managers? Stay tuned.

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Innovation Imbuing Trade
UAE’s Minister of State for Foreign Trade, Dr. Thani Al Zeyoudi, hints at a new era of trade growth powered by AI, machine learning, IoT, and automation. Read more

Imagine supply chains and global trade supercharged with such innovation, easing the entry of new market players—this might just be our future, Procurement Managers.

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U.S. Exerts Control on Arms
Valuing social responsibility, the Biden administration is set to introduce stricter regulations on civilian gun exports, aiming to reduce U.S.-made guns appearing in foreign crime scenes and human rights violations. Read more

Driving this are findings from a U.S. Department of Commerce review illustrating a correlation between increasing civilian gun exports and global gun crime. Certainly, a decision to keep Compliance and Ethics Officers vigilant.

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The Onset of De-Dollarization?
In an interesting economic turn, rising costs of borrowing dollars due to Federal Reserve hikes have prompted de-dollarization trends. Consequently, emerging market firms are considering dollar alternatives, mainly the Renminbi (RMB), credited to its increased affordability and accessibility.

Given China’s controlled inflation and the Fed’s steep rate increases, borrowing in yuan is now cheaper than the dollar. Get ready, Import/Export Managers and Financial Analysts, we might be witnessing a pivotal shift in international trade.

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As we navigate these varied trade currents, rest assured that Simply Trade has you covered. See you tomorrow with more insights and updates!

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