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The Importance of Trade Compliance

Trade Compliance Training 

Compliance: noun /kəmˈplʌɪəns/

  1. the action or fact of complying with a wish or command.
  2. the state or fact of according with or meeting rules or standards.

all imports are in compliance with regulations

Synonyms:  Obedience to, accordance with, observation of, adherence to, “the company’s compliance with international law”

It sounds simple enough, but it’s very important when it comes to rules and laws for your international business. When your business is in trade, particularly international trade, it’s imperative everyone involved know the laws and regulations. In other words, the importance of compliance

One small mistake can cost you if not thousands of dollars in fines, your entire business. That’s why compliance training is so important. It is also important to stay on top of the regulations, as they can change with politics and global economies.

Global Trading

Importing and exporting is the lifeline for goods that keeps a nation running. For the reason that customs rules and regulations are the law, you and your entire team must be fully aware of them. Support for compliance has to come from top management.

Becoming well-versed on the rules and regulations of  the U.S. government will help you understand their importance and how they impact the trade business. For example, if you are exporting, there are some commodities, software and technologies that require a license before you may export.

Global Training

Not only is it important to understand the U.S. rules and regulations, it’s also important to know how it can impact your international business. We take this knowledge very seriously. We have dedicated our Trade Compliance Training to give the best to all our customers .

Dedication to Education. That’s where we stand apart and have done for over 28 years. We believe in giving you the best education and training available. Our  customers come back year after year and give us glowing recommendations.

Just a sample of what you can expect from our compliance training:

  • Receive detailed answers to your specific questions
  • When you register for a seminar, receive a valuable reference book
  • All of our information, books and courses, updated yearly or as needed
  • We don’t believe in high pressure sales, or cheap gimmicks
  • Just relax and learn at our seminars and webinars

Why is Trade Compliance Important?

Compliance means law. Therefore, there are severe and costly fines involved for breaking any of these laws. The repercussions can be even more costly. Your business could be negatively impacted by not abiding.

There can also be jail sentences in some more serious cases, as well as being barred from any further importing or exporting. Plus, once you violate a trade law you may be placed on a watchlist where every shipment can be under scrutiny.

Global Training Center, Front and Center

We take great pride here at GTC and strongly believe in the fundamental notion of educating individuals on international trade and customs matters. It matters to you, to your business, to the global stage of trade, and it matters to us.

Please take a moment to watch our educational video about the importance of trade compliance and our role in keeping it moving forward. Watch Global Trade Compliance Matters now. If you are looking for trade compliance training for 1 person or a group, have any questions about resources, contact us today!

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