NAFTA SEMINAR QUESTION: NAFTA and Canadian classifications

I have a Canadian customer asking for the export NAFTA to be filled out with the Canadian classifications numbers on it.  I understand that the first 6 digits are going to be the same, however he is wanting me to put the last 4 digits that are only shown on the Canadian list on the NAFTA.

For example.  On the U.S. Schedule the classification number is 7216.33.0000.  On the Canadian Schedule it is 7216.33.9012.  Apparently the Canadian Schedule breaks it down a little more.

My feeling is that since the U.S. schedule says 7216.33.0000 that is what I should use, not the Canadian Schedule.

Column 6 of the NAFTA certificate of origin requires just the first 6 digits. In this case 7216.33.  Even though the full 10-digits are not required on the form the request has come up from time to time.  There are a couple of options to address this:

  1. Advise your customer that the form does not require the full 10 digits.
  2. You could put the 7216.33.9012 (CA) on the commercial invoice or
  3. Again advise that the form does not require it but you will add the requested info in column 5 along with the description putting (CA) beside the code.  You will still have to list the 6-digits in column 6 as well.

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