Meet your new Trade Partner, Alexa

Technology changes the way we do things. At GTC we recognize the need for resources to help you do your work much more efficiently and remain in compliance. That is why we are excited to introduce you to the GTC skill for Amazon Alexa.

If you own an Amazon Echo, you know the many different things you can do with it. Now you can get the free GTC skill which provides you with a helpful glossary of terms for International Trade.  Simply say, “Alexa, enable GTC International Trade Skill” and you are set.  If you want to enable using your Amazon account simply go here:

If you still do not own an Amazon Echo or maybe want an additional Echo, visit our Alexa webpage to register for an Amazon Echo we will be giving away at the end of August as part of our promotion.  Simply visit,

What does the GTC Alexa Skill do?

You can start the skill and get help by simply saying:

Alexa, open GTC

This first version of our skill allows you to ask the GTC to look up trade or customs terminology.  Sometimes you may run into something in your daily work and Alexa can help you find an answer.

Things you can ask:

·       Alexa, ask GTC what is NAFTA

·       Alexa, ask GTC what is the definition of Countervailing Duties

·       Alexa, ask GTC what is an FTZ

If a term in not found in the database, it will notify us so it can be added.  For that reason, we highly encourage you to use it and help grow the database.

Coming soon!

This is not the only thing that you will be able to do with the GTC Alexa Skill.  We are hard at work for the next version that will add more value and fun to your frequent use.  If you sign up on our website:, we will make sure to keep you updated on new features as they are release.

Test your knowledge. One of the most exciting features that we are currently working on right now is a trade compliance challenge to test your knowledge on a wide range of trade matters.

To this daily question we will also be adding a couple of other features such as the CBP Broker Exam prep question of the day and quizzes on specific topics such as NAFTA, Import, Export, C-TPAT, etc.  Look for updates on that as we begin to roll them out in the upcoming weeks.

Things you will be able to ask:

·       Alexa, ask GTC for the Trade Question of the day

·       Alexa, ask GTC to play the Import Challenge

·       Alexa, ask GTC for the CBP Exam question of the day

Seminar and webinar information. The GTC skill will also provide more than just terminology. Ask GTC for upcoming events in your area or for a specific topic. Planning your next training can be easier by asking Alexa to name the dates, topics, and cities that are on the schedule.

Things you will be able to ask:

·       Alexa, ask GTC when is your next training in San Diego

·       Alexa, ask GTC what topics are offered in Chicago

·       Alexa, ask GTC are you going to Houston

Send us your feedback

We have lots of great ideas for the GTC skill. But maybe you would like to see something else.  We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas – please email the team at, or send us your comments on the form here:

 We hope you enjoy this new way of learning and maybe have some fun using it…

Trade Is Good! 

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