E-Learning (On-Demand) Training

With today’s busy schedules, it can become difficult to find the time to take training that will, ironically, help with day-to-day trade compliance tasks.  The reality is that it can be tough and sometimes training has to wait for a more convenient time.  The challenge is most training available is scheduled at a specific time, date, and venue.  Even webinars are scheduled at a specific date and time.

To address those challenges, we are now offering on-demand training courses, starting with our first class, Basics of Importing to the United States and many more courses are on the way.  We have started with the basics courses to address an immediate need for individuals that only need a quick overview, be it someone new to trade compliance or management and departments that don’t deal with trade but have a need to know what goes on in the company’s global business.  The basics courses will provide a great overview of what is expected when importing or exporting or other trade tasks with a short 60-minute, yet comprehensive, course curriculum.  Earn a certificate of completion and achievement badges when you complete on-demand training courses.

View all E-learning international trade classes here.  More courses coming very soon.  If you have ideas for other topics you want us to cover, please don’t hesitate to let us know here.

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