The Benefits Of A Customized Trade Compliance Seminar/Webinar At Your Facility

Signs of an economic recovery are showing up in different areas of our industry. Increases in shipping have created a steady growth over the last few months as compared to the same time last year.

However many companies are still very careful about their spending and are still limiting travel. With an increase of shipments, exports, imports, or international commerce there is still the responsibility for proper compliance. New employees, now more than ever, require training to make sure that all the documentation is in order and properly prepared.

If you have a large staff that needs training as a company and customized to your needs? We also offer group on-site training where our instructors customize the course to your needs and topics ranging from our existing classes and many other topics. Click here for more information regarding on-site training.

The benefits of a customised onsite training include:

  • A personalized seminar provides a confidential atmosphere where issues can be discussed productively with an experienced consultant.
  • Successful international trading depends on the effectiveness of all departments working together. A training seminar involving key personnel from every department will help to build a team effort toward a common goal.
  • When key personnel are familiar with the details of a transaction, it can save time and money – while also helping to develop and maintain an important high level of customer satisfaction.
  • Seminars are planned to accommodate your schedule – at your site – eliminating employee travel expenses and creating an opportunity for a larger number of personnel to participate.
  • The Instructor will contact you prior to your seminar to review the agenda, ensuring that your specific issues and training needs are addressed.

Sometimes even if travel is approved, in many cases time does not allow for a multi-day trip and being away from the office for a longer period of time. Although we offer many cities nationwide, it is almost impossible to cover every area. Manufacturing facilities, importers, and exporters in remote areas need the right kind of training as well. We also offer Web Meeting Services:

  •  Include remote locations in your training
  •  Build a team effort with personnel at remote locations
  •  Eliminate travel and lodging expenses for personnel at remote locations

With these two alternatives to traditional walk-in seminars, we are sure to cover your training needs and requirements. Click here for to request additional information regarding on-site training. You may also contact us at 800-860-5030 or via email at .

Thank you for your time and we hope to hear from you soon!

Best Regards,

Global Training Center

P.S. If you are interested in seeing our full schedule of traditional seminars please click here for cities and dates .

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