Learn to Comply with our Trade Compliance Courses

Make a smart investment in your business’s future by enrolling in our Trade Compliance Courses. With the constantly changing regulations and laws, staying up-to-date is crucial to avoid costly fines and penalties that can add up to thousands of dollars. Our courses provide expert guidance and practical knowledge to help you mitigate risk and ensure compliance. Don’t wait until it’s too late – enroll now and protect your business from potential financial loss!

Reasons why taking global Trade Compliance Courses is important:

✔ Trade Compliance is the law
✔ It could be costly if you are not compliant
✔ Protect your company
✔ Some violations may result in criminal or civil penalties, debarred from future exports, as well as imprisonment.
✔ Avoid Fines and Penalties
✔ Stop shipment delays
✔ Don’t get placed on a government watchlist
✔ Build a Compliance Culture

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Why Trade Compliance

Why Trust Global Training Center?

Dedicated to Education – Where others use training seminars/webinars as a means to generate information and lead for their core business, usually consulting software or legal practice, GTC was founded and continues to operate on the fundamental notion of educating individuals on international trade and customs matters. For over 31 years we have provided global trade compliance training to the international trade community. We have become the market leader as a result of dedicated customers coming back every year for additional training and continued recommendations from them as well. It’s hard to beat GTC’s dedication to excellence. Explore our private trade compliance courses today.

You’ll receive international trade compliance training from an experienced specialist who has been in your shoes and understands your needs.

  • ✔ Receive detailed answers to your specific questions
  • ✔ Receive a valuable reference book with seminar registration
  • ✔ Reference books and courses are updated yearly
  • ✔ Expect NO SALES, NO GIMMICKS, JUST LEARNING at our seminars and webinars.
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Reasons to Invest in Trade Compliance Training

  • • Small investments may save  you thousands of $$
  • • Protect your company and employees
  • • Education will help reduce the risk
  • • Demonstrate due diligence to auditors
  • • You are responsible for Customs Broker’s mistakes-learn what they should be doing
  • • Communicate the importance of compliance to all departments
  • • Develop a greater understanding of international trade opportunities such as FTAs
  • • Communicate better so each department understands its role
  • • Explore ways to avoid discrepancies in documentation
  • • Mitigate fines, penalties, and shipment delays
  • • Learn about security initiatives and their benefits

Corporate LMS

Trade Compliance Training on your Corporate Platform, or use our hosted solution that provides reporting, certificates, and digital badges!

Private Training

Whether you have a small or large business, training is crucial
for your success.
Let us customize your private training!

International Trade Books

Get a free reference book with the purchase of most courses or
purchase one book from
our extensive library.


Need to freshen up your knowledge, or just don’t have the time to take a full or half-day course? Learn Trade Compliance in just 1 hour!