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CTPAT fundamentals e-learning training

Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT) is a voluntary program that provides benefits for companies certified under the program. CTPAT is a layer in CBP’s cargo enforcement strategy. It is intended to strengthen supply chains and improve U.S. border security.

The success of the program for a CTPAT certified company depends on the entire company working together to insure that security measures are followed to secure the supply chain. Everyone working together helps the company remain in compliance. This course provides an overview and responsibilities of those in charge of the CTPAT program within an organization.  This is commonly referred to as the CTPAT Champion.  However, other individuals are key to the success of this program and are normally referred to as Stakeholders, usually involving head of departments within an organization.

CTPAT Champion

Lesson 1: Introduction to CTPAT
  • CTPAT’s History and Purpose
  • Role of a CTPAT Champion
Lesson 2: Benefits and Stakeholders of CTPAT
  • Key Membership Benefits
  • Stakeholder Identification and Engagement
  • Role of CTPAT Steering Committee
Lesson 3: CTPAT Minimum Security Criteria
  • ‘Must’ vs. ‘Should’ in CTPAT Guidelines
  • Scope and Complexity of CTPAT Supply Chain
Lesson 4: Partner Security and Cybersecurity
  • Leadership’s Role in Security
  • Cybersecurity and IT Policies
  • Procedures for IT System Abuse
Lesson 5: Transport and Container Security
  • Transport Security Requirements
  • 7-Point Inspection Process
  • Seal Security Practices
Lesson 6: Physical Security and Access Controls
  • Implementation of Physical Security
  • Monitoring Access Controls
  • Role of Security Training
Lesson 7: Procedural Security and Cargo Handling
  • Manifest Validation and Cargo Handling
  • Security in Cargo Procedures
  • Importance of Ongoing Security Training
Lesson 8: Ongoing CTPAT Compliance
  • Meeting Compliance Requirements
  • Regular Compliance Review and Updates
  • Continuous Security Training

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This course ensures a comprehensive understanding of CTPAT, covering the benefits, responsibilities, and best practices for maintaining secure international trade operations. Participants will be equipped with the knowledge and tools to begin their journey towards creating a CTPAT compliance progr

  • Under an hour
  • 90 day access
  • Certificate of Completion
  • 1 NCBFAA or CEU Credit
  • Digital Badge
  • Lessons
  • Quizzes
  • Final Exam

With the CTPAT Champion Overview course you will learn about all the areas of the CTPAT program requirements.  This training will provide the required overview of the different areas and categories of the Minimum Security Criteria (MSC) that makes up the program and what you should be looking for when planning to file for CTPAT certification or re-validation.

This course content is intended as an awareness training that allows the principal person (CTPAT Champion) and other department leaders (Stakeholders) in an organization to understand the obligations under the program.

This CTPAT e-learning on-demand course is tailor-made for individuals within the company with very specific roles.  We highly recommend the course for:

  • The company’s CTPAT Champion
  • Department leaders who are responsible for their areas of CTPAT compliance such as:
    • Executives
    • HR
    • Information Technology
    • Security
    • Facilities Management
    • Warehouse
    • International Trade

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