Australian Farming Groups Urge Caution Over EU Trade Deal

Several Australian farming industry groups are raising concerns about the impending trade deal between Australia and the European Union (EU). They are urging the Australian government to be cautious and not sign the agreement unless it offers better access to the EU market for Australian agricultural products. This blog explores the key issues and demands of the farm industry groups.

Demand for Fair Market Access:

The National Farmers’ Federation and Meat and Livestock Australia, important representatives of the farming industry, are advocating for improved market access for Australian farm products before endorsing the trade deal with the EU. They believe that the EU’s proposed import quotas are overly restrictive, particularly for red meat, putting Australian farmers at a disadvantage compared to other exporting countries like New Zealand and Canada.

Concerns of a “Dud Deal”:

Farm industry groups are worried that if the trade agreement does not provide better conditions for Australian farmers, it could have long-lasting negative effects on the industry. They caution the government not to sign a “dud deal” that fails to offer commercially meaningful benefits to Australian farmers.

Trade Minister’s Perspective:

Trade Minister Don Farrell has emphasized the government’s desire for improved market access for Australian farmers and producers. However, the specific negotiating positions of both the Australian government and the EU have not been publicly disclosed. It remains uncertain whether the EU is willing to fulfill the demands of the Australian farming industry groups.

Criticism of the Red Meat Quota:

One particular point of contention is the EU’s proposed quotas for Australian red meat, which the farming industry groups consider highly restrictive. Additionally, the proposed quotas for Australian sugar are so minimal that they would not be economically feasible to transport. These issues further highlight the need for improved market access in the trade deal.

The concerns raised by Australian farming industry groups regarding the trade deal with the EU are significant. They emphasize the necessity of fair market access and caution against signing an agreement that would disadvantage Australian farmers. As negotiations continue, it remains to be seen whether the trade deal will be adjusted to meet the demands of the farming industry groups and secure a mutually beneficial agreement for Australian agricultural exports.


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