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The Simply Trade Podcast was developed through the desire of giving people inside and outside the industry different perspectives, new knowledge, and a sense of belonging. International Trade affects not only people that choose this career path but also everyone in the world, as we depend on it for consumer goods, resources, and just about anything that touches our lives. While global trade is a very complex topic within itself, Simply Trade puts emphasis on making it in fact very simple for the listener to follow along and pick up some tips and tricks along the way.  


Gain different perspectives from people in the industry  

Simply Trade hosts, Lalo Solorzano and Andy Shiles have well over 60 years of combined trade, logistics, and supply chain experience.  However, rather than sitting on the show and talking to you about trade, they invite different guests for every episode to deliver a perspective from different trade professionals for each episode!

International Trade has many facets that can be discussed, which is why Andy and Lalo select trade professionals from different areas to discuss their expertise.  Simply Trade brings awareness to the listener as they might be able to relate to their own areas of work.  


A Simply Trade Community  

As the Podcast is growing and gaining recognition the number one initiative is to connect with the listeners and create a community where people can express their concerns or situations in the hope to connect with others that might be facing similar circumstances. Individuals have the power to gain knowledge and learn but understanding the other side of things is a crucial part of succeeding in this industry.  Stay tuned for more information on joining the crowd to build a community in trade.

Take a listen today and get hooked  

The beauty of short 25 to 30-minute podcasts is that they are accessible anytime, anywhere (with an internet connection of course). Whether you are driving, doing some work, enjoying a glass of wine, or simply just relaxing, you can press play and here we go. Simply Trade is available on all streaming platforms such as Apple Podcast and Spotify, or on our general podcast page here: for FREE! Yes, you heard right, you can listen to Andy and Lalo picking different trade professionals’ brains by just opening your favorite streaming app and listening. It is like attending a free short trade compliance webinar in each episode!

So far we have had these great topics:

  • Create a Trade Compliance Culture in your workplace
  • Scary Trade Compliance stories
  • Antidumping challenges from an importers point of view
  • Your supply chain’s single source of truth

Become one of our listeners, subscribe, rate, and let us know what you think.  If you have a topic you would like to hear discussed, or if you would like to be a guest on the podcast, please reach out to us at

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