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Restrictions on Exporting A.I. Chips and the Future of US-China Relations

The rapid development of artificial intelligence (A.I.) technology has become a crucial issue of national security in the United States. The recent report in The Wall Street Journal reveals that the Biden administration is considering new restrictions on exporting A.I.-related semiconductors to China. These restrictions could curb sales of some lower-end A.I. chips, affecting the stock prices of high-flying chipmakers like Nvidia and AMD. The White House believes that these restrictions on A.I. will handicap China’s A.I. progress to prevent Beijing from using the technology in military applications.

The U.S. administration has been concerned about falling behind in the race to dominate A.I. and has repeatedly asked allies to restrict exports to Beijing. In considering these new restrictions, the administration is taking a significant step toward tightening the screws on A.I. and trade relations between the United States and China. Corporate leaders are finding themselves in a difficult position, supporting efforts to protect American interests while defending their businesses.

While the decision to put further restrictions on A.I. is motivated by national security concerns, it could potentially lead to further escalation in the U.S.-China trade war. The Chinese government has already taken steps to block domestic companies from buying chips made by Micron, citing “relatively serious cybersecurity problems.” Against this backdrop, it is unclear how Beijing will respond to these latest developments.

The question remains whether these new restrictions on exporting A.I.-related semiconductors to China will be put into effect and how Beijing will respond. Meanwhile, the semiconductor industry in the United States is on tenterhooks, and corporate leaders remain conscious of the gravity of this issue. Restrictions on trade and A.I. advancements could lead to new complications in the already complex U.S.-China relationship.

Full Source: https://www.nytimes.com/2023/06/28/business/dealbook/ai-exports-china-nvidia.html

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