Are You Prepared for a Customs Import Audit

Letter to Global Training Instructor

Hello John,

Don’t know if you will remember me since it has been a while since I attended all your seminars here in Cleveland and we had you out to our facility to give us a couple of presentation on INCOTERMS and Export Compliance for our CSR’s & Sales people.

All I can tell you is, Thank You ! ! ! !  Today we had an “informal audit” with two Import Specialists with U.S. Customs & Border Protection from the Cleveland Office.  They initially were challenging our claim of Singapore Free Trade on goods that we had imported back in October of last year.  With the help of our Singapore Manufacturing Facility, our International I.T. System, the documentation we assembled for them, and all the knowledge I had acquired from your seminars, we came through with flying colors.  We talked about Net Cost Methods, Tariff Shifts and Regional Value Content, I drilled down into the manufacturing bills of lading showing the countries of origin for the components and the standard costs for those items, we did the math and only the 12 examples they had questioned all came out between 75 – 85 % Singapore content.

Bottom line, they walked away knowing that our company is doing their “due diligence” and know how to Import & Export !!!  Again, without the knowledge from your classes the results may have very well been different with duties owed and penalties galore ! ! !   And by the way, they were VERY impressed with the Certificates of Completion for all the Seminars I have attended from Global Training and the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Best regards,

Import / Export Administrator

Be prepared for a Customs Audit..

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