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Build it, and they will come
Last month we announced our new Alexa Skill (app) on the Amazon store. We hope you have had the opportunity to install this free feature for your Amazon Echo and have had time to use it. Along with the launch, we thought we would have some fun and give away an Amazon Echo. We did not expect the overwhelming amount of entries and responses to our Trade Skill. We had so many entries, we decided to give away an additional three Amazon Echo Dots.

Here are our lucky winners:

Amazon Echo Winner:
Judy Fine from Optimas Solutions

Amazon Echo Dot Winners:
Jackie Beairsto from Monsanto
Ashley Hagedorn from Hubbell Power Systems
Robert Lampley from ABB

We also had some great comments regarding this new resource.  Here are just a few:

“What a great idea – I love it!” 

“Our training manager thinks this is awesome!”

 How exciting! This is the coolest thing I ever seen. Trade is Amazing!”

 “I have been extremely impressed with GTC… I feel that the Alexa skill could potentially give me a huge advantage!”

We have posted more on our Alexa page on our website:  www.GlobalTrainingCenter.com/Alexa

What’s next? We have many plans, as stated in our announcement last month, also on the Alexa page. However, in the next few weeks, our next version will feature a “Trade Tip of the Day”. We are partnering with other great Trade and Customs service providers to bring you this feature. We may start with a weekly tip, but eventually ramp up to a tip per business day. 

Don’t be a stranger

If you happen to be at any of the following events, please look for us, we will also be attending and would love to say hi.

WIT-NC and the Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce are hosting an event on September 14 and 15. The event is focused on doing business in Silicon Valley with a focus on international trade. We are excited to be both a sponsor and a member of the Women In Trade organization.

ICPA will be hosting its annual Fall Conference once again in Grapevine, TX. The event will take place on October 22-24.  Global Training Center will be exhibiting in booth 17. If you missed out on our Amazon Echo giveaway last month, we are planning on having another giveaway at this conference. Drop by our booth and also check out everything that we have to offer and all the exciting resources we are building, like the Alexa Skill, for the trade community.

Speaking of resources

Given the popularity of our Alexa skill, we are linking that trade resource to a TradeWiki page. This will provide you with the opportunity to search and physically view trade terminology. Although Alexa is convenient and you can interact with her, sometimes the descriptions can be long and you may want to have it written somewhere. Coupled with the fact that we can’t really carry an Echo around with us at all times, the solution was to create a wiki page for all the terminology provided. 

Since we are making this resource available, we will also be adding our Trade Tip of the Day to our website. This will make it easier for you to revisit or catch any tips you may have missed.  This is also currently being developed and will be available very soon.

The TradeWiki and TradeTips will be available very soon on our website. Again, check the Alexa page described above to get the links.

We hope you enjoy all that we have to offer the trade community with our courses and resources.

Trade Is Good!  

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