ACE January 2017 Transition

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) issued CSMS #16-001005 as a reminder, CBP is preparing to deploy Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) capabilities that will complete the delivery of core trade processing in ACE.  The date for the deployment and mandatory transition of these capabilities will be January 14, 2017.

The capabilities in the January 14, 2017 deployment include a drawback, duty deferral, liquidation, collection, statements, and reconciliation. Please note: Importer Security Filing (ISF) is transitioning on January 14 as well.  Beginning January 14, 2017 transactions supporting these capabilities must be filed in and processed through ACE. Submissions to CBP’s legacy system, the Automated Commercial System (ACS), will no longer be supported.

Full details on the transition of each of the capabilities, reference materials, and technical documentation are available on CBP’s website through the following links:

– Drawback (

— ACE Drawback Frequently Asked Questions ( asked-questions)

– Duty Deferral (

– Liquidation (

– Statements (

– Reconciliation (

— ACE Reconciliation Frequently Asked Questions ( summary/reconciliation/ace-reconciliation-frequently-asked-questions)

For details on what specific applications are transitioning from ACS to ACE and what transactions and queries will no longer be available, please reference our ACS to ACE Application Transition Plan.  Any items on the spreadsheet marked January 2017 will no longer be available beginning January 14, 2017, including items under ‘Scheduled to Transition’,  ‘Available in ACS and ACE’, and ‘Will Not Transition’.

This transition plan may be accessed at the following link:

Please note:

  1. The January 14, 2017 deployment does not include Manufacturer ID Add (MID), as this capability must be deployed at the same time as Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) Admissions (e214s).  Details on these capabilities will be made available through future communications.
  2. The ACE Product Code query will be removed from and no longer supported in ACE. For further details on CBP’s transition to ACE, please visit the ACE Mandatory Use Dates page at, or reference the ACE Entry Summary Business Process Document ( for policy and business process flows.

For technical support during the transition please contact your company’s assigned Client Representative.  During the deployment period, Client Representatives will have access to additional headquarters policy, operations, and technical personnel to expedite any transition issues. More details on this additional support will be made available in early January. 

Reports in support of the capabilities being deployed will be made available after January 14, 2017.  After the deployment of capabilities into production, additional time is needed to migrate and synchronize legacy data to ensure the accuracy of data prior to reports being made available. More details will follow as various reports become available.

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