Developing a Trade Compliance Program


Developing a Trade Compliance Program

Building a Global Compliance Program will teach practitioners how to assess their organization and build a foundational compliance program to mitigate their specific import and export risks. Drawing from guidance from CBP, BIS, DDTC, and the instructor’s own experience, attendees will learn the basics of import and export compliance programs along with best practices and pitfalls to avoid. This course will also include guidance on compliance outside of the U.S. as part of managing a truly global program and organization.

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Who should take this Course?

New Trade Compliance Managers who are first-level managers and may be new to their organization. Other job titles include Customs Manager, Import Manager, Global Trade Manager, Logistics Manager, and Export Manager.

You will earn a certificate of completion and a Digital Trade Badge

Please note:  This course is NOT intended to help individuals start an import/export business. This course covers rules and practical issues that arise from importing and exporting merchandise and not the marketing, sources, purchasing, or other business functions of starting a physical business or e-commerce store.

What is a hybrid course?

A hybrid course, also known as a blended course, uses recorded materials to be viewed by students on their own time in combination with live interactive web-based online meetings with the instructor for discussions and Q&A.

How long is the course?

This course will run for 4 weeks. The plan for each week is as follows:

  1. Participants are responsible for viewing a short video (45-90 minutes) prior to the day of the webinar of that week.
  2. On Friday, participants will attend a 2-hour live webinar with the instructor to discuss the video (Step 1) and for Q&A.
  3. The participant will take the exam on the topics discussed.
  4. Steps 1-3 will be repeated for three more weeks (for a total of four weeks).

When does it start?

October 7, 2024. Continues for four weeks
With live webinars on Fridays from 9AM – 11AM Central Time

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Developing a Trade Compliance Program

Recorded Video (own time)
Friday 9AM – 11AM (Central Time) – Live Webinar
Exam (own time)

Week 1: Conducting a Risk Assessment

  • Learning the key stakeholders, internal and external
  • Determining import and export risks
  • Conducting interviews
  • Sampling transactions
  • Examining policies and procedures
  • Reviewing third party relationships

Week 2: Import Compliance

  • Focused Assessment methodology
  • Foundations of import compliance: classification, valuation, documentation
  • Special duty programs: free trade agreements, duty drawback, reconciliation
  • Broker management

Week 3: Export Compliance

  • Jurisdiction and classification
  • Export licenses and agreements
  • Denied parties and sanctions screening
  • Export Declarations

Week 4: Training and Auditing

  • Training best practices
  • Basics of auditing: how often, how much, what to audit
  • Prior disclosures and Voluntary Disclosures
  • How to level up your program

October 7 –  Week 1 begins. Start your recorded training

October 11 – Week 1 live training session – 9am-11am Central Time

October 13 – Week 1 review/quiz must be completed

October 14 –  Week 1 begins. Start your recorded training

October 18 – Week 1 live training session – 9am-11am Central Time

October 20 – Week 1 review/quiz must be completed

October 21 –  Week 1 begins. Start your recorded training

October 25 – Week 1 live training session – 9am-11am Central Time

October 27 – Week 1 review/quiz must be completed

October 28 –  Week 1 begins. Start your recorded training

November 1 – Week 1 live training session – 9am-11am Central Time

November 3 – Week 1 review/quiz must be completed

“I absolutely loved this course. I really respect Lila, it was evident that she was a subject matter expert, but she was able to instruct us on our own level and made each unit very easily digestible. Moreover, it was very encouraging to have input from other students. Knowing that there were others in similar business situations to me created a safer space where I 1felt confident asking questions. It was a non-judgement zone, so I felt empowered and understood. I don’t usually like webinars, but the formatting of this one was infinitely preferable to a one day class. 10/10 would recommend.”

“I like the video/live session combinations. The videos are at a good pace and interesting, and the live sessions help with learning retention.”

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Course Information

This course takes place over 4 weeks.  This course will be a community based training requiring active participation in weekly assignments and discussions.  Each week is made up of 3 different learning elements:

On-Demand lessons – You will get a separate email notifying you that the lesson has been activated on your account and for you to view before the live session later in the week.  This recorded training is about 45 – 90 minutes long.  Make sure you view the videos before the live training because the live training will expand on the recorded content.


Live office hours – On Friday of each week, there will be a 2 hour web session from 9 am to 11 am Central Time where you can ask the instructor anything related to the course and the material covered during the week.

Weekly review/quiz – After each live office hours session, you will have access to the exam for the week.  It will be a short graded quiz to assess what you have learned during the week.

Each week you are expected to participate in the course lessons and training by submitting a question prior to the live session. 

Date: October 07, 2024


Last Day to Register: October 7, 2024

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