International Logistics

Aerial view of container cargo ship, Container Cargo ship in import export logistic, Logistics and transportation of International Container Cargo ship.

Course Description

International Logistics Training Course. Learn how to select and manage your freight forwarder, carrier, and customs broker. Take the fear out of international shipping. This class is the perfect overview of the transportation process—whether you’re shipping by ocean or air. Learn the steps you need to follow to move your products affordably, securely and within budget. In our International Logistics training, you will learn to control your international shipments by directly coordinating your documents with transportation rules and procedures. Review the air and ocean transportation & documentation process.

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  1. International Air Transport Association (IATA)  
  2. ACE and Automated Systems | U.S. Customs and Border Protection ( Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) login 
  3. Login ( ACE Login  
  4. Homepage | Bureau of Industry and Security (  Bureau of Industry and Security 
  5. Federal Maritime Commission
  6. Non-Compliant NVOCCs – Federal Maritime Commission (   Non-Compliant NVOCC’s   
  7. ITAR Regulations  
  8. Customs Duties  
  9. EAR Regulations  
  10. Food Safety Modernization Act  
  11. CSMS messages sign up  
  12.     International Trade Administration country regulations  
  13. International Trade Administration solutions  
  14.  Free CustomsInfo global tariff information for users of 
  15.  – Carnet information  
  16. Simply Trade: Simply Trade [Folks]: Keeping the Wheels Rolling: Navigating the World of Freight and Logistics with ’What the Truck’s’ Timothy Dooner on Apple Podcasts  Simply Trade Podcasts  
  17. CTPAT Trade Compliance Forced Labor Requirements FAQs | U.S. Customs and Border Protection ( CBP CTPAT Forced Labor FAQ 


ACE Automated Commercial Environment
IATA International Air Transport Association 
EEI Electronic Export Information   
BKIP Broker Known Importer Program  
CB Customs Broker  
CCL Commerce Control List 
CTPAT Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism
EAR  Export Administration Regulations  
ECCN  Export Control Classification Number  
FMC   Federal Maritime Commission
FF  Freight Forwarder    
IAC Indirect Air Carrier  
ICC International Chamber of Commerce 
ISF  Importer Security Filing  
NCBFAA  National Customs Brokers and Forwarders Association of America   
NVOCC  NonVessel Operating Common Carrier 
PPI  Principal Party of Interest    
SDR  Special Drawing Right 
TFEU  Twenty Foot Equivalent Unit  
TIB  Temporary Importation Under Bond   
VOCC Vessel Operating Common Carrier