Getting to know E-Learning for Trade

Level Up Your Teams Skill Set

E-Learning or OnDemand international trade courses are pre-recorded short videos, designed to provide you the flexibility and convenience of taking Trade and Customs Compliance education on your schedule, anywhere, and from any device. All OnDemand import-export courses are designed with multiple short video segments and a review after each segment. These short courses are designed to teach basic awareness of each topic.

Find out why customers keep returning for more courses! Our e-learning import export courses are NOT slides you have to read! Our e-learning courses are pre-recorded speakers with short quizzes for reviewing and enforcing the learning!

New to international trade? Recently been asked to take on Trade Compliance responsibilities? New position requires you to understand international trade? Maybe your department touches the international transactions and you need a better understanding of what is happening and why? These courses will help you get your feet wet and get started understanding international trade and why it is important.

What You Will Learn

Trade e-learning courses provide an overview of different areas in trade compliance.  Build a foundation of trade compliance by learning the fundamentals of international trade procedures.  E-Learning courses are intended for individuals, teams, and in many cases the entire company to provide awareness of the international trade process.  Each course is designed to target different areas of trade compliance to help focus on that topic.

E-Learning Courses Will Benefit

E-Learning is designed to provide the flexibility of learning at your own pace. We highly recommend the course for:

  • On-boarding new employees
  • Cross training individuals from other departments
  • Required annual employee training
  • Executives that do not need to know the details of trade

Course Features

[icon name=”clock-o” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Choose from multiple topics

[icon name=”calendar-alt” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] 90 day access

[icon name=”certificate” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Certificate of Completion

[icon name=”cogs” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Earn continuing education credits