Duty Drawback

Duty Drawback


Global Training Center

3.5 Hour course

Level 1 Badge is awarded when the course has been completed and attendance has been verified.

This course provides background and knowledge on using the Duty Drawback program to get a refund on duties paid for products that were not consumed in the United States. This course helps you understand the basic aspects of the different types of duty drawback programs available along with the new rules and regulations, known as TFTEA, which have significantly changed some aspects of the duty drawback industry altogether. Duty drawback programs include the following methods/types of programs and they are substitution drawback, direct ID drawback, destructions, NAFTA (or now the USMCA) drawback, and retail returns (which is going to become a very big deal with Customs to the point that many duty drawback service providers decided not to work with any retailers at all because it is a little more difficult.


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