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  • CTPAT Training Course

    CTPAT Webinar Dec 6, 2024


    This course is for developing, implementing and/or maintaining CTPAT Certification & Re-validation. Class will explore and discuss all of the new CBP CTPAT Minimum Security Requirements. The CTPAT program will help you maintain a competitive edge with your customers.

  • Export Administration Regulations Course. Understanding the exporting prohibitions and regulations should not be an afterthought for anyone.

    EAR Webinar Dec 4, 2024


    This export controls training covers basic concepts one needs to understand to execute essential global business operations in a compliant manner. The course has been updated to include new developments such as revisions to license exceptions, end use/end user controls on China, new controls on foundational technologies, and more. If you have ITAR products, you probably have EAR products as well.

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    Exporting Procedures 2 Half Day Webinar December 9 & 10, 2024


    2 Half Days of Learning! This course will provide an in-depth understanding of export regulations and procedures combined with a study of the appropriate documentation that will give you a valuable advantage in making your international trade business a success. Learn to comply with regulations to avoid violations, fines, fees, and delayed shipments.

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    Importing 201 Webinar Dec 12, 2024


    Advanced Import Compliance. Did you know that U.S. Customs requires that importers have written policy and procedures for record-keeping and customs compliance? This course builds upon techniques presented in our U.S. Importing course and explains how to implement and strengthen your import controls. Course also describes what you should do to prepare for the eventuality of a CBP audit.

  • aerial view of port full of containers

    Importing Procedures Webinar Dec 11, 2024


    Learn the importance of accurate paperwork and timely reporting. Designed to help commercial importers become more aware of their regulatory obligations, learn your broker’s responsibilities, and develop strategies for improving trade compliance within their organization. This course focuses on the import entry processes and the fundamental disciplines required for making an entry. Remember, your customs broker’s errors could result in penalties for YOU, the importer.

  • Incoterms Rules Training Course: Learn the risks and obligations associated with the Incoterms your company uses. Sign up today!

    Incoterms® 2020 Webinar Dec 13, 2024


    International Commercial Terms were created to facilitate international trade. But without a good understanding of Incoterms, the terms you are using may be putting your company at risk and adding unnecessary costs and confusion. It’s important that you understand which Incoterms is best for your company. Take this class to understand when the transfer of risk moves from the Seller to the Buyer and who is responsible for insurance. Registration includes a valuable reference book. Incoterms is a registered trademark of ICC.

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    International Logistics Webinar December 18, 2024


    Managing Forwarders, Brokers & Carriers is the theme of this course. Learn to control your international shipments by directly coordinating your documents with transportation rules and procedures. Review the air and ocean transportation & documentation process. A comprehensive review of the roles of the forwarder and the customs broker. Learn the evaluation and selection process of the international forwarder, customs broker, and carrier.

  • Our International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) Compliance Training will give you all the fundamentals necessary to avoid mistakes

    ITAR Webinar Dec 5, 2024


    ITAR – A fundamental overview of the U.S. International Traffic in Arms (ITAR), providing insight and understand of the key principals and essentials of proper compliance. How does ITAR impact international business, avoid costly fines and penalties, does my product fall under ITAR, and other questions are answered with this training. Export Control Reform has move items from ITAR to EAR! Has your item moved?

  • Letters of Credit 2 Half Day Webinar Dec 2 & 3, 2024


    2 Half Days of Learning! As your international business grows, so will your financial risks and uncertainties. Imagine not getting paid for your international sales! Learn to fully comply with Letters of Credit requirements. Learn how to ensure that you receive payment for your shipments, how to get paid faster, and how to lower bank fees.

  • image of Tariff page from HTSUS

    Tariff Classification Webinar December 16, 2024


    Classification for import, export, FTA determination & clarification on Section 301 and Section 232. The classification & valuation of goods are major decisions! Critical information not only for duty purposes but also to determine whether goods are subject to quotas, restraints, embargoes, or other restrictions. Shipments with incorrect classifications may not reach their destination and/or you may be subjected to penalties

  • USMCA the Modernized NAFTA Webinar December 17, 2024


    USMCA is the new Modernized NAFTA. This course is for those new to USMCA and for those already familiar with NAFTA. Learn what the new changes mean for you and how it will affect your current NAFTA process in this USMCA webinar. Special sectors will be discussed and covered. You may need to change your supply chain to continue to benefit under the new agreement.