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    Tariff Classification Charlotte Jun 19, 2024


    Classification for import, export, FTA determination & clarification on Section 301 and Section 232. The classification & valuation of goods are major decisions! Critical information not only for duty purposes but also to determine whether goods are subject to quotas, restraints, embargoes, or other restrictions. Shipments with incorrect classifications may not reach their destination and/or you may be subjected to penalties

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    Exporting Procedures Charlotte Jun 18, 2024


    This course will provide an in-depth understanding of export regulations and procedures combined with a study of the appropriate documentation that will give you a valuable advantage in making your international trade business a success. Learn to comply with regulations to avoid violations, fines, fees, and delayed shipments.

  • The determination of Country of Origin - International Trade Rules is crucial for exporters’ and importers’ success.

    Country of Origin Charlotte Jun 21, 2024


    This course will help you understand substantial transformation, the rules of origin for determining the Country of Origin for FTA’s and markings, and for U.S. Government procurement. You will also learn how to document your work, and so much more. Registration includes a copy of the instructor’s presentation in lieu of a book.

  • USMCA the Modernized NAFTA Charlotte Jun 20, 2024


    USMCA is the new Modernized NAFTA. This course is for those new to USMCA and for those already familiar with NAFTA. Learn what the new changes mean for you and how it will affect your current NAFTA process in this USMCA webinar. Special sectors will be discussed and covered. You may need to change your supply chain to continue to benefit under the new agreement.