Simply Trade [Webinars] – 2023 Year In Review

Get up to speed on the major trade developments of 2023 and insights on what’s ahead in 2024 with this informative webinar from Global Training Center.

Renee Chuichiarelli leads a review of the top trade stories from the past year, including rising protectionism, green trade initiatives, supply chain disruptions, and more. She also shares perspectives on the trade outlook according to industry organizations and highlights key policy changes from CBP.

You’ll learn three “words of the year” chosen by GTC to describe major trade themes and participate in live polls to get engaged. Practical takeaways include resources for continuing education credits and an upcoming forced labor training.

Walk away with a comprehensive overview of last year’s events and a head start preparing for challenges and opportunities on the horizon. Join this free webinar on demand to gain valuable context and connections for your international business.

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