Building Blocks of Trade Compliance (Crowd.Trade)

Trade Compliance can be a bit intimidating and getting started can be confusing trying to figure out what material to research or where to find good information. Adding to the problem is the fact that mistakes in international trade can lead to penalties and in some cases criminal circumstances.

For experienced professionals whose job is to on-board and train someone, the problem is similar; you may know what needs to be done, but who has the time to put together a program and gather reliable content?

This course takes the guesswork out of what content to cover and how much. You will get a comprehensive overview of all things import/export and more. All of this is bundled into a hybrid course with pre-recorded lessons and live training where you will get a chance to ask the instructor questions.

NOTE: This course is provided through our Trade Community on www.Crowd.Trade. The quizzes and certificate are part of this learning management system and will be viewed below.