China’s Seven Deadly Sins

Peter Navarro, White House trade advisor had a 10 minute interview with Chris Wallace on August 4, 2019.  Navarro listed what he called “seven deadly sins” that China must stop doing before the trade war with the United States can come to an end. He stated the sins are harmful to the U.S. economy.

  1. Stop stealing IP
  2. Stop forcing technology transfers
  3. Stop hacking our computers to steal our trade secrets
  4. Stop dumping into our markets and putting our companies out of business
  5. Stop their state-owned enterprises from (receiving) heavy subsidies
  6. Stop the fentanyl
  7. Stop the currency manipulation

One of the reasons the President has taken action is because China has not kept its promise of keeping fentanyl out of our communities. This week alone over 1,000 people will die from made in China fentanyl.

To watch interview click here


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