Course Description

Are you claiming NAFTA? Learn whether your product should be shipped under the NAFTA Rules of Origin. Learn the rules to qualify and classify your goods under the NAFTA Agreement and review in detail the NAFTA Certificate of Origin Document. This NAFTA Rules of Origin/USMCA course prepares a company for shipping into Mexico and Canada under the NAFTA rules, correctly complete and maintain the proper documentation to take advantage of the reduced tariffs under NAFTA.

What you will learn

  • Comprehensive review of the NAFTA Agreement
  • Step by step discussion on each NAFTA rule of origin
  • Completing the NAFTA certificate as Producer or Exporter
  • Record keeping requirements
  • Other U.S. FTAs
  • Updates to the General Rules of Origin
  • Change in De Minimis Thresholds for Non-Originating Content
  • Calculating RVC & Non-Originating Content under USMCA
  • Updated Provisions on Accumulation; Sets, Kits & Composite Goods;
  • Transit & Transshipment; Among Others
  • Significant Revisions to Product-Specific Rules of Origin
  • Filling Out the Proper Forms for Producers & Exporters
  • Country of Origin for Marking Purposes
  • Compare and contrast of NAFTA/USMCA

Course Will Benefit

Exporters, Importers, Compliance Officers, ISO Managers, Purchasing, Sales/Marketing, Logistics, Traffic, Customer Service, Plant Managers, Operations Manager, Credit Managers, Controllers, Engineering, Legal, Customs Brokers, Freight Forwarders. Class is excellent for beginners and also serves as a refresher for experienced professionals.

NAFTA Rules of Origin/USMCA course will especially benefit anyone involved with or responsible for:

  • Qualifying goods under NAFTA
  • FTAs
  • International Documentation
  • Compliance Rules and Regulations

NAFTA Rules of Origin /USMCA class is excellent for beginners and also serves as a refresher for experienced professionals. Instructor will level set the course based on attendees.