How does a webinar work?

Our webinars are live and interactive. You may ask questions throughout the class (not just at the end of class). Our webinars are NOT pre-recorded. Our instructors use the same agenda as our walk-in seminars.   You will connect to the class via the internet using WebEx. A link is emailed to you for connecting.  You will see the instructor’s presentation on your computer screen. To ask a question, you may raise your hand (click on icon) and instructor will call on you. For your audio connection you will dial in using a toll free number. Sorry computer headsets are not allowed*. We keep the classes small so that we may keep phone lines open and you may interact with the instructor at any time. It is one person per registration.

GroupPlease contact us if you need to train a group of employees (800) 860.5030

Full Day Webinar
runs from 8:30am to 4:00pm Central Time with 1 hour for lunch and two 15 minute breaks (AM & PM). 

Half Day Webinar
runs from 9:00am to Noon Central Time with one 15 minute break.

We ship each attendee a reference book for the class subject. These books retail between $59 - $99 each. This will be an excellent resource for each attendee to have for future reference.

Rules, Requirements and Recommendations

Recommendations for webinar:
Have a headset connected to your phone.
Reserve a conference room or take course at home (evade interruptions).

The following link has the requirements for the connection to the webinar:

You may test your connection at the following link:

Webcams are required to attend this training. If you do not have a webcam available please let us know in the "comments" field of the purchase form or call us at 1-800-860-5030 and one will be provided for you. Your webcam feed will not be shared with other attendees.You must use webcam to attend. WE WILL PROVIDE A WEBCAM AT NO CHARGE, PROVIDED YOU TELL US YOU NEED ONE BEFORE WE SHIP YOUR BOOK.

Webinar Rules:
Please note that the webinar registration fee is for ONE individual training and not for a group. Please contact Global Training Center if you would like to add individuals. Recording of the webinar is not permitted by an individual or by a company.

* In order to provide quality sound we ask that you dial in via telephone for the audio connection. We will provide a toll free number once you join the meeting on your computer. It has been our experience that headsets using VOIP (headsets connected to computers) create feedback noise and/or echoes. In some cases it has been disruptive for the class. Please understand that our goal is to provide professional and quality classes. We appreciate your cooperation.

NOTES: Toll free number is only for United States. Price of webinars includes shipping of class material for U.S. locations (except Alaska & Hawaii).

INTERNATIONAL ATTENDEES: Phone connection is a Toll number. Price does not include the reference book. You must purchase separately.