Webinar Rules

Recommendations for webinar:
Have a headset connected to your phone.
Reserve a conference room or take course at home (evade interruptions).

The following link has the requirements for the connection to the webinar:

You may test your connection at the following link:

Webcams are required to attend this training. If you do not have a webcam available please let us know in the "comments" field of the purchase form or call us at 1-800-860-5030 and one will be provided for you. Your webcam feed will not be shared with other attendees.You must use webcam to attend. WE WILL PROVIDE A WEBCAM AT NO CHARGE, PROVIDED YOU TELL US YOU NEED ONE BEFORE WE SHIP YOUR BOOK.

Webinar Rules:
Please note that the webinar registration fee is for ONE individual training and not for a group. Please contact Global Training Center if you would like to add individuals. Recording of the webinar is not permitted by an individual or by a company.

* In order to provide quality sound we ask that you dial in via telephone for the audio connection. We will provide a toll free number once you join the meeting on your computer. It has been our experience that headsets using VOIP (headsets connected to computers) create feedback noise and/or echoes. In some cases it has been disruptive for the class. Please understand that our goal is to provide professional and quality classes. We appreciate your cooperation.

NOTES: Toll free number is only for United States. Price of webinars includes shipping of class material for U.S. locations (except Alaska & Hawaii).

INTERNATIONAL ATTENDEES: Phone connection is a Toll number. Price does not include the reference book. You must purchase separately.