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Jennifer Diaz

CTPAT “Your Supply Chains Strongest Link”

I attended the  2017 CTPAT conference  in Detroit (August 29 – 30, 2017). After 2 days of CTPAT’ing, here is a list of my top 10 takeaways including the changes I see coming to the CTPAT program. There is a new name. Notice the – is officially gone, no more C-TPAT (despite all of us conditioned to using the -, it is no more. CTPAT it is. There is a new slogan – CTPAT “Your Supply Chains...
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Lawrence M. Friedman

GSP and Sets

Here's a question. Assume pots and pans from Thailand individually qualify for duty-free entry into the United States under the Generalized System of Preferences ("GSP"). That means they have 35% of their value derived from Thai-origin materials or costs and are shipped directly from Thailand to the U.S. So far, so good. Now assume that glass lids for the pots and pans are added to the imported goods and those lids are from China, which...
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Jennifer Saak

Turn COMPLAIN into COMPLIANCE: Building an Export Controls Compliance Program That Works

Why is a culture of compliance seemingly more easy to achieve at some companies versus others? Are there basic principles to consider, regardless of the specific regulatory area? Government regulations don’t always “make sense” to the people that need to follow them. Thus, following the rules and regulations aren’t always easy. And if people across an organization don’t follow the rules…well, that’s where potential risks turn into actual compliance gaps and eventually to violations. Sensible...
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Laurel Delaney

Eight Tips for New Importers

Experienced or New Importer
  Quick Read: A checklist for doing the import right. Once you have crafted a plan on what type of product you want to import, the following tips will serve as a guide in the import process. 1. Like and trust your supplier 2. Determine if you need a license 3. Compute the weights and measurements of the merchandise... To read full article CLICK HERE>>
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GTC Repost

Five Ways You Can Benefit from the C-TPAT Program

According to Customs Border Protection (CBP) there are now over 11,000 companies participating in The Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism or C-TPAT, a public-private partnership program implemented in November of 2001 following the September 11 terror attacks. The program is voluntary and continues to gain in popularity, providing real incentives to those importers who join. In 2014 alone the import value of just 4,315 importers enrolled in C-TPAT accounted for 52% of the total merchandise imported into the US....
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