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Trade and customs compliance and regulation news that affect import, export, transportation, logistics, and supply-chain industry and how you do business.
Ketan M. Ganase

Predictability Through Incoterms

Expanding your business beyond the borders and perceived safety of your own country may be a frightening prospect full of uncertainties, but in today’s global marketplace, it often is the only option available to stay competitive. The nature of cross-border business is such that a lot can be lost in (miss)translation. Parties to international transactions will often speak different languages, employ different trade practices, rely on divergent business customs or any other of the plethora...
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George W. Thompson

Census Bureau Seeks Comments on Routed Transaction Rules

There’s almost no getting around filing an Electronic Export Information for exports from the United States. Sure, there are a few exclusions, and most shipments to Canada get a pass, but an EEI is required for the vast majority of transactions. Whenever an EEI is filed, it must state whether the export is “routed” or not. The concept of a routed transaction was entirely made up by Census, and from what I can tell is...
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Patrick Burnson

Foreign Trade Zones: BIG Savings, LITTLE Hassle

Logistics managers have long valued  Foreign Trade Zones (FTZ)  because they’re secure areas under  U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP)  supervi­sion generally considered outside CBP territory upon activation. Located in or near CBP ports of entry, they’re the United States’ version of what are known inter­nationally as free-trade zones. Currently, there are 276 authorized FTZ across the United States. These zones allow importers and exporters to reduce, eliminate or defer duty payments on manufactured or...
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Global Training Center

Scary Trade Compliance Challenges

In the spirit of the season, we have compiled a list of scary challenges the horrible Miss Compliance the unfriendly Trade Witch is throwing into her Cauldron of Problems. Don’t be scared to tackle these challenges and take a good look at your practice to make sure that proper measures are taken to keep the product moving and customs off your back.   NAFTA Compliance See the following tips offered by John Goodrich in his...
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Amy Morgan

The Impact of Technology on International Selling

In the  second part  of this three-part series, I described some specific pitfalls related to crossborder selling and some lessons learned. In this final part, I’ll take a look at a key trend that is impacting the marketplace: the use of automation to manage complexity. As noted in  Part 1  of this series, crossborder selling is becoming easier than ever.   Research published by DHL Express  predicts crossborder online retail will grow at twice the...
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