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Chaos is Good for 3PL Providers

By Chris Dupin It’s a good time for 3PLs when capacity is tight and supply chains are speeding up. That’s 10 percent of global logistics costs, according to consultants Armstrong & Associates, and a leap from the $802 billion recorded in 2016.    Armstrong & Associates said in 2017, gross 3PL revenues in the United States increased 10.5 percent year-over-year to reach $184.3 billion and are expected to be close to $200 billion this year....
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Automated Compliance: Allied's Stock-in-Trade

Written by By Jennifer Baljko | INBOUND LOGISTICS  Automating global trade compliance helps electronics component distributor Allied Electronics & Automation nail its screen test. Companies in the import/export business dread the day when a customs official knocks on the door and questions their shipping policies. That day came for distributor Allied Electronics & Automation a few years ago. Allied stocks about 150,000 electronics, automation, and electromechanical products at its Fort Worth, Texas, distribution center. Its core portfolio...
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World Cup Better Than Expected for Logistics

World Cup
Automotive Logistics | Vladislav Vorotnikov The FIFA World Cup 2018 has caused a temporary shortage of transport capacities in certain regions of Russia, with a local rise in tariffs and some delays at customs, according to Irina Novikova, the inland transport department director of Gefco. However, fears of Russia ceasing to import automotive components including spare parts from May 25 to July 25, due to severe security measures, have proved unfounded. Novikova said that restrictions...
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What Is LCL Shipping?

By Rieva Lesonsky Importing products from China is a great way for a small business to diversify their product offerings, stay on top of trends and reduce costs. However, in order to maintain your profit margins, it’s important to understand and manage your shipping costs. Today’s shipping lesson: What is LCL shipping, and how can it benefit your business? LCL shipping vs. FCL shipping When goods are shipped by ocean freight, you have the choice...
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Remedy These 5 Bad Practices For Managing Global Freight

By Phil Marlowe As supply chain professionals, we live in a world of unprecedented connectivity where partners collaborate seamlessly, in real time, to make faster, better decisions on production, inventory and shipping. And then there is global freight management. Here, clerks manually enter shipment data and that data gets shared – as emails, spreadsheets and shipping documents – among factories, freight forwarders and carriers. It’s an appallingly inefficient and manual process that can result in...
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Ten Supply-Chain Predictions for 2018

By Global Trade A new report from the market research firm  IDC , “IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Supply Chain 2018 Predictions,”  posits that  digital transformation  (DX) is the key overriding theme in IDC’s worldwide supply chain top 10 predictions for 2018, including the impact for supply chain planning, supply chain execution/fulfillment, and procurement and supply chain security. While the predictions largely focus on the near term to midterm (2017–2020), the impact of many of these predictions...
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Your Transportation Management System Can Help Manage the Amazon Effect

By 3Gtms Lots of supply chains are dealing with the  “Amazon effect,”  which has led consumers to demand lightning-fast (and free) delivery times, last-minute order changes, and 100 percent order accuracy. While initially seen as just a retail problem, these expectations have been extended to the B2B world as well. Managing the Amazon effect requires a host of solutions, but a  transportation management system (TMS)  is often overlooked. A TMS is critical for the execution...
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Foreign Trade Zones: BIG Savings, LITTLE Hassle

Logistics managers have long valued  Foreign Trade Zones (FTZ)  because they’re secure areas under  U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP)  supervi­sion generally considered outside CBP territory upon activation. Located in or near CBP ports of entry, they’re the United States’ version of what are known inter­nationally as free-trade zones. Currently, there are 276 authorized FTZ across the United States. These zones allow importers and exporters to reduce, eliminate or defer duty payments on manufactured or...
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