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Why We Should Train Workers Like We Train Machine Learning Algorithms

By Makada Henry-Nickie The evolution of workforce opportunity in the United States depends on the future of education and our commitment to far-reaching, equitable federal reform. Unfortunately, policy conversations at the federal and state levels about transforming education systems to meet future workforce demands have focused disproportionately on a skills agenda, largely ignoring behavioral competencies that often complement and enhance the value of technical skills. This misguided approach equates 21st-century workforce development with skills acquisition, which...
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Automated Compliance: Allied's Stock-in-Trade

Written by By Jennifer Baljko | INBOUND LOGISTICS  Automating global trade compliance helps electronics component distributor Allied Electronics & Automation nail its screen test. Companies in the import/export business dread the day when a customs official knocks on the door and questions their shipping policies. That day came for distributor Allied Electronics & Automation a few years ago. Allied stocks about 150,000 electronics, automation, and electromechanical products at its Fort Worth, Texas, distribution center. Its core portfolio...
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Mikah Wisner

Import Compliance Basics: 5 Things You Need to Know

Newbies to Trade
If you’ve been tasked with getting your company’s import compliance under control,  these five steps will get you quickly up-to-speed Taking on a new position at an importer usually means sifting through the remnants of your predecessor’s activities and policies and trying to come up with a way to work better, smarter, and faster. These goals aren’t always easy to achieve in the import space, which tends to move quickly and expect a lot from the people who...
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Jennifer Saak

Turn COMPLAIN into COMPLIANCE: Building an Export Controls Compliance Program That Works

Why is a culture of compliance seemingly more easy to achieve at some companies versus others? Are there basic principles to consider, regardless of the specific regulatory area? Government regulations don’t always “make sense” to the people that need to follow them. Thus, following the rules and regulations aren’t always easy. And if people across an organization don’t follow the rules…well, that’s where potential risks turn into actual compliance gaps and eventually to violations. Sensible...
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